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Missha Cosmetic Display Cases Fashion

Brand Name: MISSHA     

Launch: Foundation, concealer, mascara, etc.

Characteristic: Reasonable high-class


MISSHA  is one of the world famous cosmetics group of Korea ABLEC&C corporation brand, ABLEC&C listed company is South Korea, name from Creation&Communication abbreviations, contains innovation and challenge, with unlimited creativity, to carry out online and offline effective communication and positive enterprising profound connotation. MISSHA to advocate with reasonable price to provide daily necessities of high-end cosmetics, skin care, cosmetics, special function of cosmetics and tools such as a total of more than 500 kinds of diversified products, the pursuit of environmental protection of naturalism. MISSHA mystery (yet) have been loved by south Korean women, and was deeply loved by the south Korean star, many Korean stars have become MISSHA advocates.


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