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The classification and characteristics of glass display showcase
Source:Shenzhen Amissvie Display Engineering Co.,Ltd  Time:08/18/2015
Glass display showcase is divided into the attic type glass display showcase, special glass display showcase ,tong existent glass  display showcase,light glass display showcase .  
1、Tong existent glass  display showcase is designed for storing large quantities of similar tray goods.It is composed of four basic parts: Framework, guide rail support, tray guides and inclined pull rod, etc.This kind of glass display showcase has high warehouse utilization rate , can achieve FIFO, or FILO.It is suitable for storing large quantities of goods of few varieties by great quantity, batch jobs.The smallest space offers the largest storage capacity.It apply to the goods of few varieties by great quantity, storage shall apply.

2、Special glass display showcase: including mold frame, oil drum, fluent and glass shelves, rack, truck, mesh compartment, six categories.Xiamen display factory

3、 light glass display showcase: light punching glass is a kind of strong commonality of structural system,The design and produce of showcases  can be widely used in assembly to light rack, workbench, factory, suspension system, network security and structure support

4、Attic type glass display showcase: the modular structure, can use the material like wood, decorative pattern plate, steel plate to make floor, it can be designed flexible to be layer and multilayer, suitable for hardware tools.

The characteristics of glass display showcase:
(1) high transparency.Organic glass is the most excellent?transparent polymer materials , euphotic rate reached 92%, than the high light transmittance of the glass.
(2) high mechanical strength.The relative molecular mass of the organic glass is about 2 million, is a long chain of polymer compounds, and the formed molecular chain is very soft, therefore, the strength of the organic glass is higher,its ability of?tensile and impact resistant are 7 to 18 times higher than common glass.
(3). Light weight.Organic glass density of 1.18 kg/dm after, the size of the same material, the weight is only half of the common glass, metal aluminum (belong to light metals) of 43%.

(4) easy to processing.Organic glass not only can use to lathe cutting, drilling, drilling machine and the bond into various shapes such as with acetone, chloroform, can also blow molding, plastic molding methods such as injection, extrusion processing into large canopy to aircraft, small to the false teeth and a variety of products such as plates.

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